Why should I choose Panhandle Medical Services to handle my billing needs? 
Panhandle Medical Services is a multi-specialty medical billing service that has practiced in Florida and Alabama since 1992.   We believe that it takes 20% of the time to collect 80% of your collections and it takes 80% of the time to collect the remaining 20% of your collections.  We aggressively follow-up on the remaining 20% and that is what sets us apart from other billing services.

Is Panhandle Medical Services prepared for ICD-10? 
We continue to stay abreast of ICD-10.  Our software is updated and already includes a complete listing of the ICD-10 codes.  Although ICD-10 has been postponed, we will continue our training and education to stay ahead of our ever-changing industry.

Can Panhandle Medical Services set my fee schedule? 
Since we are paid based on a collection percentage, we do not influence how you set your fee schedule.  However, we do monitor your collections daily to assure that you are maximizing your collections and capturing 100% of the collectable dollar.

Since Panhandle Medical Services is a billing company, how does that make your company qualified to offer bookkeeping services? 
Actually, one of our employees has a MBA with many years of experience managing many types of companies.  We also have a degreed accountant on staff that was in the accounting industry for 15 years prior to joining the Panhandle management staff.

Does Panhandle Medical Services outsource any of its services? 
No we do not.  All of our services are provided by one of our experienced on-site employees.  

Do I have to be a billing customer in order to use any of your other services? 
Absolutely not.  We have many clients that utilize our credentialing, bookkeeping and consulting services that we do not bill for.

Does Panhandle Medical Services offer both practice management and EHR software? 
Yes, however, we do understand that every provider and specialty has its own needs.  Our software company has an EHR that interfaces with its PM software, but the PM software has the ability to interface with most other EHR software so you don’t have to change your EHR if you don’t want to.

How are your fees calculated? (How do I know how much you’ll charge me?) 
We do not have one set collection fee for all providers.  Our fee is calculated based on volume, collections, and average collection amount per procedure.  Our fees are also determined based on the level of interaction the office plays in the billing process.

How long does it take to get started once we agree on terms?  
That depends on your credentialing needs.  If you are currently practicing and we are only adding Panhandle Medical Services as a billing service, it will take 2 to 4 weeks.  If you are starting a new practice needing full credentialing and contracting, our timing would still be  2 to 4 weeks, however,  insurance credentialing and contracting with all payers can take up to 120 days, subject to payers.

Do you have any start-up costs? 
Yes, we charge a licensing fee per location for our PM software.  We also charge a minimal charge for training; however, the software that we use is very user friendly and generally requires very little training.  If you choose to use the EHR associated with our PM software, there would be a cost associated with that as well.